Drew G

Guitar Luthier / Repair Tech

Drew Goebel is a life long pursuer of all things guitar. He started playing the guitar when he was thirteen years old (he took lessons at Morgan Music, in fact!) and has never put it down. His love of the guitar lead him to attend Minnesota State College-Southeast in Red Wing, MN where he graduated from the two-year Guitar Repair and Building program with honors. He has built four guitars varying from electric to arch-top and plans to build custom guitars in the future. Drew has a deep passion for music and loves being able to help others pursue their own musical journey by getting their instruments into peak playing condition. He is always willing to talk and work with each individual to get their instrument exactly what it needs and exactly what the player wants. From professional setups, total re-frets, to acoustic neck re-sets, we can get your instrument exactly what it needs to play it's best!

Derek F

Amp Tech

Derek has a bio! It is coming soon!

Jazwell W

Audio Engineer / Live Sound Guru

A second generation sound guy, Jaz has been working in the audio field in various capacities since the mid 1980s in California, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Over the years he has gained experience mixing for a variety of music, theatre, and church productions in addition to a myriad of weddings, festivals, and corporate events. He has functioned as both a Touring and House Engineer (with staff positions at both churches and performing arts venues). He has even put on his own quarterly multimedia events. Now entirely freelance, Jaz works closely with various musicians, artists, and venues in his quest for Very Good Sound.


He's an independent tech, so feel free to get in touch with him via us or on his own website - - for more information.

Lane S

Piano Tuner / Tech

Lane has a BA in Music from Ithaca College and an AS in Piano Technology from Western Iowa Tech as well as over 20 years in the industry


He's an independent tech, so feel free to get in touch with him on his own website - - for more information.

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