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People are Key

            At Morgan Music, we’re about building a relationship with you and your gear. Whether you play on stage in front of 10,000 adoring fans, or in your living room in front of 1 adoring fan, we’re here to be your stage crew.

Fair Pricing

            We like to focus on service, so we offer an everyday low-price guarantee model. We work hard on matching or beating any price out there so we can focus on building a relationship, rather than haggling over price.

Curated Selection

We pride ourselves on having a great selection - but we don’t stock A-Z. We stock stuff we believe in from companies with excellent reputations and a guest first attitude. We go out to find brands, lines, and gear that we know we can stand behind. Every item in our store has been hand picked and checked over upon arrival. We regularly maintain our instruments while they’re hanging out in the shop, and we check it again before you pick it up. It’s this attention to detail that our guests love.


Morgan Music was founded to serve musicians of all levels.  As a community store, we pride ourselves on listening to the wants and needs of our guests, along with bringing in new and exciting products we know you’ll love. 

Morgan Family

Morgan Music has been a family owned music store for 3 generations.

A Brief History

Morgan Music was founded in downtown Eau Claire in 1957 as a piano store. In 1959, Bud purchased the building on Clairemont where the business still resides. When the Beatles hit in the 60’s, Bud brought on guitars and amps. The building expanded a few times over the years, but the vision is still the same!

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