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Music Teacher Bios

Dr. Julietta R

Harp Lessons, Voice Lessons, Composition Lessons, and Piano Lessons

Dr. Julietta Rabens teaches harp, voice, composition, and piano at Morgan Music.

Julietta’s doctorate and masters degree is in music composition from the University of

Nebraska-Lincoln. Her second masters degree is in harp from Northern Illinois

University where she studied harp with Liz Cifani and received training in Healing

Harps from Dr. Ron Price. Julietta is a professional singer/songwriter as well as

classically trained harpist and composer. She has composed an opera, two concertos,

and numerous chamber works for harp, voice, piano, and other instruments.

Julietta is passionate about the art of teaching and has enjoyed working with a

diverse range of students including students with special needs. Her approach is

flexible, assisting students in achieving their individual goals. She has developed a

harp curriculum for adult beginners called “Classics at Your Fingertips” and

“Technique at Your Fingertips” books 1-5. She has also developed a harp curriculum

for children called “Plucky Bunny’s Harp Adventures” books 1-3. In addition to being

well grounded in technique, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of

repertoires and to create their own music.

Jennifer L

Piano Lessons

Jennifer teaches to all ages and all levels, beginner through advanced.  She has played the piano since she was nine, has a degree in history, and is currently finishing a second degree in Collaborative Piano at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  Jennifer is a professional musician, and is active in the community and university as a solo performer (piano and harpsichord), accompanist, and vocal coach.  She is also a member of the Wisconsin Music Teachers’ Association.  As a piano teacher, she seeks ways to best meet the unique needs and desires of her students, while simultaneously keeping a focus on developing a healthy piano technique.  She has a particular interest in the history of music, and tries to develop this curiosity in her students so that they can better understand the historical and cultural context of the music they play.  

Marcy W

Program Director, Piano Lessons

Marcy teaches piano and is the Lesson Program Director at Morgan Music. She has a bachelor's degree in music therapy from UW-Eau Claire and has worked as a music therapist and music minister. Marcy designs the lessons specific to each student's goals. She recognizes that piano lessons need to incorporate teaching the value of discipline and hard work while also having fun. She teaches all ages and has a passion for helping her students develop a lasting love of music. She is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and involved with its local chapter, Chippewa Valley Music Teachers Association.

Adam T

Guitar Lessons, Uke Lessons, and Exploring Music Lessons

Adam has been creating music in the Chippewa Valley for nearly 20 years. He plays in multiple groups spanning all genres. Adam is obsessed with all things music and guitar, and he'd love to share that joy and passion with you! 

Mike G

Guitar Lessons & Beginning Harmonica Lessons

After starting on clarinet and oboe, Mike began playing guitar in the 8th Grade.  Later he played guitar in his high school jazz band, started a rock band, and made friends from different backgrounds as he played guitar while serving in the military. He currently plays guitar in two bands, one electric and one acoustic. After more than thirty years of teaching secondary English, he retired from public school teaching and now he teaches again -here at Morgan Music. 


"Studying music improves one’s self-esteem, work ethic and yes, even quality of life!  I particularly enjoy teaching guitar and helping my students experience the power, magic and joy of music!" -Mike

Sean J

Guitar Lessons

Sean has a bachelor's degree in guitar performance from Berklee College of Music, and now works as a performing musician in the Eau Claire area. Sean aims to instill a solid base of musicianship in all of his students. He focuses on the elements of time, proper intonation, efficient technique, and a basic understanding of music theory.

Sean has been teaching guitar lessons since the age of 15, and aims to keep lessons up tempo and engaging. Students can expect to spend as much time playing as they do listening.

Jim G

Percussion Lessons

Jim is a retired band director and percussionist extraordinaire! From basic rudiments to advanced theory, Jim has you covered! 

Kelly W

Percussion Lessons & Beginning Band Lessons

Kelly Wohlbier holds a Masters Degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion Performance from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.  She taught band, orchestra, and general music in the Stevens Point School District before she moved to the Chippewa Valley.  Kelly is a licensed instrumental music instructor, and currently teaches percussion at the High School and Middle Schools in Chippewa Falls. 

Dr. Brian A

Flute Lessons & Violin Lessons

Brian grew up playing violin and flute in Plano, Texas. He went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in flute performance, including a doctorate from the University of Kansas. Brian enjoys performing music from the 18th century to today as a soloist and as Principal Flute of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. He has been teaching students of all ages and abilities for over ten years. As a teacher, Brian helps students achieve their full potential by developing self-sufficient learners and artists. He is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association.

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