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Piano Lesson

" Every child is an artist, until they're told they're not an artist. "

                       -John Lennon


Lesson FAQ
Young Drummer

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the private music lessons?

Most lessons take place Monday - Friday from around 11am to 7pm. Availability and scheduling will vary per instructor.

What is the cost of private music lessons?

Most private lessons are $25 to $30 per session.

How long are the private music lessons?

Most private lessons are in half hour sessions, once per week.

What instruments are taught?

Most instruments are taught at the Morgan Music Academy. For a complete list and teacher bios, please see our teacher bio section.

Where are the private music lessons?

Our lower floor and upper floor at the Morgan Music building are private lesson studios. 

Other Notes:

All instructors run their own studios and schedules. Most of them only allot themselves 1 administration day per week, so please allow a week to hear back.

Morgan Music Academy students will receive a 10% off all music and accessories at Morgan Music after registration/lessons begin.

Book of Chords

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for lessons?

When you first register for lessons, you will be sent a Website Login Info email that will direct you to set up a profile account. You can access your invoice, schedule, and more by visiting our website and logging into the student portal. We use PayPal to process lesson payments, which is secure and easy to use. While you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for lessons, it does make the payment process easier. 

If I have more questions, who do I contact? 

You may email Jennifer, our program director, at She can help you with any questions you may have, and help you find the right teacher for your needs.

What are the next steps to take?

Step 1: Read the teacher bios to see if anyone may be a good fit to you. 

Step 2: Register via the lesson's portal. 

Step 3: Check your email (and spam folder) for a "set password" email. This email should be automated from

Step 4: Wait to hear back from our program director or your instructor. Again, this may be up to 1 week. 

Teacher Bios

Music Teacher Bios
Twin Ports of Superior, WI & Duluth, MN


Wade G

(TWIN PORTS) - Guitar

Bio & Pic Coming Soon!


Laurie B

(TWIN PORTS) - Guitar, Bass, Voice, Songwriting, Theory & Performance

Laurie came to the Twin Ports bringing over 30 years experience as a professional musician in Austin, Tx.
   A past member of the Texas Music Educators Association, she helped establish the Childbloom Guitar Program, was an instructor for the Austin Lyric Opera’s Community Music School, and fronted a theatrical rock band for 17 yrs. Happy in the recording studio, Ms BoeDee also was the producer of numerous projects, sang in Gospel choirs and has consistently maintained a teaching roster of 30-45 students with her versatile range of skills.
   Laurie was mentored by 3 outstanding instructors in Denver, Colorado as a young girl. She started her own scholarship/mentorship program in Austin to serve the needs of her students- with many recitals and performances in restaurants, clubs and festivals, many are professional musicians today!
   “Music is a vital part of a child’s education, socialization, and sense of esteem. Safe, interactive, and positive relationships with qualified, dedicated teachers helps them figure out and reach their goals and dreams.”  says Laurie. “Every student I have ever had is important to me and they know it!”

   Now a member of the Duluth Music Teacher’s Association, Laurie BoeDee is a great fit for Noteworthy Kids. She’s been an instructor w/us since 2017.


Now Hiring! 

Guitar, Bass, Piano, & More!

Please email inquiries to

Music Teacher Bios
Eau Claire, WI


Jennifer L

(EAU CLAIRE) - Program Director, Piano Lessons

Jennifer  teaches piano to all ages and all levels, beginner through advanced.  She has played the piano since she was nine, and has a degree in Collaborative Piano Performance from UWEC as well as a degree in history from Marshall University.  She has won many awards throughout her career in both performance and research, and has performed with multiple orchestras as a featured soloist on piano as well as harpsichord.   Jennifer is a professional musician, and is active in the community and university as a solo performer of piano and harpsichord, accompanist, vocal coach and church musician.  She also teaches several piano classes at UW-Stout.  As a piano teacher, she seeks ways to best meet the unique needs and desires of her students, while simultaneously keeping a focus on developing a healthy piano technique.  She has a particular interest in the history of music, and tries to develop this curiosity in her students so that they can better understand the historical and cultural context of the music they play and experience.  


Victoria S

(EAU CLAIRE) - Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Piano Lessons, Woodwind Lessons, World Flute Lessons, and Improvisation Theory Lessons

Victoria Shoemaker received a Bachelor of Music degree in music education from VanderCook College of Music (Chicago, Illinois), where she studied classical flute and piccolo performance with Kaye Clements and Mary-Christine Stingley. Her other flute instructors include Laurie Lau and Dr. Tim Lane, Professor of Flute at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Victoria Shoemaker received the 2021 WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) People's Choice Award for Best Music Teacher in Northwest Wisconsin (as well as nominations in 2018 and 2019). She also received a 2021 "Healing Flute" award from the Native American style Flute Awards.

Victoria also studied bamboo flute performance/flute making with Billy Miller of Windwood Flutes. Presently, she is studying antique and contemporary world flutes and improvisation with Grammy-nominated flutist, Peter Phippen.
Since the release of her debut album, The Witching Hour in 2016, Victoria has continued to perform regularly on world flutes as well as on percussion, saxophone, guitar and vocals in her rock and roll group known as “Virginia Steel”, which performs across Wisconsin and neighboring states.


Adam T

(EAU CLAIRE) - Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Exploring Music Lessons

Adam, a seasoned guitar teacher at Morgan Music since 2011, caters to students of all skill levels, spanning ages 7 to 84. As a full-time guitar instructor, he manages one of the busiest lesson studios in Western Wisconsin. Adam has toured nationally and internationally, captivating audiences in Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, London, Rome, Munich, Madrid, and beyond.

His musical expertise spans an eclectic array of acoustic and electric guitar arrangements across various genres like pop, rock, folk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, funk, and country. Adam's impressive repertoire includes over 100 original songs, and he has made significant contributions to performances and recordings of Eau Claire area bands.

Beyond guitar, Adam is a versatile multi-instrumentalist. His extensive collection includes guitar, bass, drumset, piano, violin, cello, trumpet, banjo, flute, harmonica, midi synthesizers, accordion, mandolin, djembe, xylophone, clarinet, trombone, and other unique musical apparatuses.

During their time in the lesson studio, students have opportunities to write and record their own songs. As an experienced studio engineer, Adam guides students through the recording process, creating timeless recordings that serve as mementos of their musical journey. These finished recordings often become cherished gifts for students' friends and family.

Passionate about teaching and sharing the joy of music, Adam looks forward to imparting his knowledge and enthusiasm to you!

Tim C.jpg

Tim C

(EAU CLAIRE) - Guitar Lessons

Tim was given his first two chords on the guitar when he was in early Middle School.  Thanks to his dad’s chords, his mom’s ear, and the heavy influence of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan, he spent late school days and two solid summers in his room, trying to emulate the legend, catapulting him into a life’s work of trying to master the GUITAR.
Tim is dedicated to not only learning the instrument, but sharing it as well.  He is a strong believer in the positive role music has in, not only young people, but anyone, at any stage of life.  
Professionally, Tim has gigged and toured, both regionally and nationally. He is a songwriter, producer, and an instructor.
He has been teaching guitar to students of all skill levels since 2008.  Living in Nashville, TN from 2011-2016, he continued to give private lessons after moving back to Eau Claire, WI.  
It is important to Tim to find what the students’ interests are, and to make sure the lessons are equally fun as they are informative!


Marcy W

(EAU CLAIRE) - Piano Lessons

Marcy has been teaching piano for 14 years and has loved every minute of it. Piano is her passion, and she excels at connecting with the individual student and helping them develop a lasting love of music. She strives to bring the highest value of piano education by providing not only weekly piano lessons, but also many learning opportunities: WMTA’s District Auditions, recitals, summer camps, and performance classes.  Marcy has a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from UW-Eau Claire, is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, and has recently been awarded Member of the Year by their local chapter, Chippewa Valley Music Teachers Association.

Acoustic Guitar

Jerod K

(EAU CLAIRE) - Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Bass Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Flute Lessons, Piccolo Lessons, Clarinet Lessons, Composition & Music Theory Lessons

Jerod studied at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and The Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College in New York City. He is an accomplished musician who has been playing professionally for the past 14 years. His focus has been in jazz, classical, rock, pop, country, and bluegrass. He has performed saxophone, flute, and clarinet in every lower 48 US states, the lower Canadian provinces, and most of Japan. He is proficient in many instruments including; saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric bass, ukulele, piccolo, recorder, penny whistle, composition/songwriting, and music theory. His love of music and its instruments is only matched by sharing his knowledge with any and all who would want to learn.

Piano Keys


(EAU CLAIRE) - Piano Lessons

Bio coming soon!


Staš H

(EAU CLAIRE) - Percussion Lessons

Staš teaches drumset and percussion and is an Eau Claire native who is fortunate to have been involved in many musical opportunities growing up and while at Memorial High School such as State Honors Band and State Solo Ensemble. He graduated from UWEC with a music liberal arts bachelors degree and emphasis in percussion where he participated in groups such as wind ensemble, jazz, symphony orchestra, BMB, and percussion ensemble. He has performed in the pits of over 2 dozen ECCT and CVTG productions, performs jazz around town, and regularly plays timpani and percussion in the Chippewa Valley Symphony and Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra. He also tours nationally and records with many area bands such as Them Coulee Boys, Elvessa, Naalia, and Raptor Octavius. He previously taught at the Eau Claire Music School where he taught students of many abilities and as young as elementary school age. He believes in framing lessons around the student’s interests as much as he can with the primary goal of finding joy in playing music.


Becky T

(EAU CLAIRE) - Piano Lessons, Clarinet Lessons, Oboe Lessons, Bassoon Lessons

Music has been part of Becky's life for as long as she can remember. She began playing the piano at age 5 and the oboe and clarinet at age 11, adding the bassoon and other woodwind instruments a year later. Becky taught piano and woodwind lessons for seven years at her own studio in Prescott, WI, also teaching piano lessons at the Hastings, MN Veterans Home for three of those years. Becky teaches beginning to advanced piano, oboe, bassoon, and clarinet lessons. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, including adults and students with special needs. Her approach to lessons is tailored to each student's strengths, abilities, and interests.

209B1E16-EEC2-47AB-94DB-00198B864811_1_201_a (1).heic

Sarah K

(EAU CLAIRE) - Ukulele Lessons, Trumpet Lessons, Low Brass Lessons

Sarah is an Instrument Music Education Major at UWEC. She offers trumpet and low brass lessons. Sarah started playing guitar in fourth grade and trombone in fifth. Since attending UWEC, Sarah has taken up trumpet and euphonium. In her free time, she loves to read, play guitar, and cook! Sarah is excited to work with young and adult musicians alike to help foster, create, and expand great musical ability!

Why Lessons?
Young Boy Playing the Piano

Why Should Kids

Take Music Lessons?

  1. Improves academic scores, and improves engagement in school

  2. Develops the language, math, and reasoning parts of the brain

  3. Increases coordination and fine motor skills

  4. Builds imagination, creativity, and intellectual curiosity

  5. Teaches commitment and discipline 

  6. Builds confidence, social, and emotional skills

Playing Guitar

Why Should Adults 

Take Music Lessons?

  1. Improves memory

  2. Improves mood

  3. Reduces stress & anxiety

  4. Increases brain function

  5. Stimulates immune response

  6. Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer disease

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