We know, it’s bad photo editing (haha) 
But it’s a sweet amp. 

This is the real deal British made Marshall stack. Full tube. It does in fact go to 11. 

EL34’s & ECC83’s power this monster.

Includes foot switch
50 Watt Head

Marshall JCM2000 Dual Super Lead 50 British Stack (pre-owned)


    Yann L


    These guys rule. Shipping is super fast and item was double boxed. Communication is speedy and helpful. Can't ask for more. 

    Matt S


    After going here I’ll never go through another music store if I can help it. 10/5 hands down and will work with you in any way they can.

    Greg R

    South Carolina

    Communication, handling, service, shipping, and item were all first-rate! (Morgan Music) was a true pleasure to do business with, and I'll definitely be checking back to see if they might have something I want in the future...