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Frequently Asked 


Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: Generally speaking, lessons cost between $20 and $25 per lesson, depending on the teacher. 

Q: How long are they, when are they?

A: Most lessons are 30 minutes once per week. Often, our teachers can accommodate longer lessons or every-other week schedules if you are traveling from out of town.

Q: Where are they located?

A: Our lesson studios are located in our newly renovated lower level at Morgan Music. One of our staff can direct you when you arrive. Most of our teachers also offer online lessons via Zoom, Facetime, or a similar video calling software. 

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Q: How do I pay for lessons?

A: When you first register for lessons, you will be sent a Website Login Info email that will direct you to set up a profile account. You can access your invoice, schedule, and more by visiting our website and logging into the student portal. We use PayPal to process lesson payments, which is secure and easy to use. While you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for lessons, it does make the payment process easier. 

Q: If i have more questions, who do I contact? 

A: You can email Marcy, our program director, at lessons@morganmusiconline.com. She can help you with any questions you may have, and help you find the right teacher for your needs.

Benefits of Music Lessons

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Why Should Kids

Take Music Lessons?

  1. Improves academic scores, and improves engagement in school

  2. Develops the language, math, and reasoning parts of the brain

  3. Increases coordination and fine motor skills

  4. Builds imagination, creativity, and intellectual curiosity

  5. Teaches commitment and discipline 

  6. Builds confidence, social, and emotional skills

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Why Should Adults 

Take Music Lessons?

  1. Improves memory

  2. Improves mood

  3. Reduces stress & anxiety

  4. Increases brain function

  5. Stimulates immune response

  6. Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer disease