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Hardware Tools

Currently Offering

Same-Day Restrings (on most instruments)

$20-$30 + Strings / Parts as Needed

Guitar Setups (on most guitars)

$60 + Strings / Parts as Needed

Locking Tremolo (Floyd Rose) Setups

$80 + Strings / Parts as Needed

Minimum Bench Fee For Smaller Jobs:

$5 (truss rod adjustments, single strings, etc)

Guitar Electronic Work:

$60 / Hour (Output jack replacements, pickup swaps, wiring, mods, etc)

Single Pot, Switch, Output Jack:

$20 + Strings / Parts as Needed (Also will occasionally need to charge a restring fee if electronic cavity is in pickguard under strings, such as seen in most Fenders)

Pickup Installation

$50 for the first pickup, $20 each additional pickup. (first pickup includes restring, disassembly for access to pickup cavity)

Tools & Parts to Do it Yourself

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