Hardware Tools

Currently Offering

Same-Day Restrings (on most instruments)

$20-$30 + Strings / Parts as Needed

Guitar Setups (on most guitars)

$50 + Strings / Parts as Needed

Floyd Rose Restring/Setup

$80 (setup mandatory on locking trems)

Our locking trem specialist is typically Monday - Friday. 

Output Jack Replacement

$20 + Parts

Pickup Installs:

$40 for the First + $20 Per Additional P/U

Electronic Work, Custom Builds, Mods

$60 / Hour + Parts 

Minimum Bench Fee For Smaller Jobs:

$5 (truss rod adjustments, single strings, etc)

Currently Not Offering


Band & Orchestra Repair

Please see our friends at Eckroth Music


Amp Repair

Please see our friends at Elite Audio

Piano Tuning

Please see our friend, Lane Schroeder 

Piano Moving

Please see our friends at Clearwater Piano Moving

Tools & Parts to Do it Yourself